weaken() Netscript Function

weaken(hostname[, opts={}])
RAM cost:

0.15 GB

  • hostname (string) – Hostname of the target server to weaken.
  • opts (object) –

    Optional parameters for configuring function behavior. Properties:

    • threads (number) - Number of threads to use for this function. Must be less than or equal to the number of threads the script is running with.

The amount by which the target server’s security level was decreased. This is equivalent to 0.05 multiplied by the number of script threads.

Use your hacking skills to attack a server’s security, lowering the server’s security level. The runtime for this command depends on your hacking level and the target server’s security level. This function lowers the security level of the target server by 0.05.

Like hack and grow, weaken can be called on any server, regardless of where the script is running. This command requires root access to the target server, but there is no required hacking level to run the command.


weaken("foodnstuff", { threads: 5 }); // Only use 5 threads to weaken