Keyboard Shortcuts

This page documents the various keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the game.

Game Navigation

These are used to switch between the different menus/tabs in the game. These shortcuts are almost always available. Exceptions include:

  • Working at a company or for a faction
  • Creating a program
  • Taking a university class
  • Training at a gym
  • Active Mission (aka Hacking Mission)
Shortcut Action
Alt + t Switch to Terminal
Alt + c Switch to ‘Stats’ page
Alt + e Switch to Script Editor. Will open up the last-edited file or a new file
Alt + s Switch to ‘Active Scripts’ page
Alt + h Switch to ‘Hacknet Nodes’ page
Alt + w Switch to ‘City’ page
Alt + j Go to the company where you are employed (‘Job’ page on navigation menu)
Alt + r Go to Travel Agency in current City (‘Travel’ page on navigation menu)
Alt + p Switch to ‘Create Program’ page
Alt + f Switch to ‘Factions’ page
Alt + a Switch to ‘Augmentations’ page
Alt + u Switch to ‘Tutorial’ page
Alt + o Switch to ‘Options’ page
Alt + g Switch to ‘Gang’ page
Alt + b Switch to ‘Bladeburner’ page

Terminal Shortcuts

These shortcuts are available only in the Terminal

Shortcut Action
Up/Down arrow Cycle through previous commands
Ctrl + c Cancel a hack/analyze action
Ctrl + l Clear screen
Tab Autocomplete command

Terminal Bash Shortcuts

These shortcuts were implemented to better emulate a bash shell. They must be enabled in your Terminal’s .fconf file. This can be done be entering the Terminal command:

nano .fconf

and then setting the ENABLE_BASH_HOTKEYS option to 1.

Note that these Bash shortcuts override any other shortcuts defined in the game (unless otherwise noted), as well as your browser’s shortcuts

Also note that more Bash-like shortcuts will be implemented in the future

Shortcut Action
Ctrl + c Clears current Terminal input (does NOT override default Ctrl + c command)
Ctrl + p Same as Up Arrow
Ctrl + m Same as Down Arrow
Ctrl + a Move cursor to beginning of line (same as ‘Home’ key)
Ctrl + e Move cursor to end of line (same as ‘End’ key)
Ctrl + b Move cursor to previous character
Alt + b Move cursor to previous word
Ctrl + f Move cursor to next character
Alt + f Move cursor to next word
Ctrl + h/d Delete previous character (‘Backspace’)