fileExists() Netscript Function

fileExists(filename[, hostname])
RAM cost:

0.1 GB

  • filename (string) – Filename of file to check.
  • hostname (string) – Hostname of target server. This is optional. If it is not specified then the function will use the current server as the target server.

true if the file exists, false if it doesn’t.

The filename for scripts is case-sensitive, but for other types of files it is not. For example, fileExists("brutessh.exe") will work fine, even though the actual program is named BruteSSH.exe.

If the hostname argument is omitted, then the function will search through the server running the script that calls this function for the file.


fileExists("foo.script", "foodnstuff"); // returns: false
fileExists("ftpcrack.exe"); // returns: true

The first example above will return true if the script named foo.script exists on the foodnstuff server, and false otherwise. The second example above will return true if the current server contains the FTPCrack.exe program, and false otherwise.