hack() Netscript Function

hack(hostname[, opts={}])
RAM cost:

0.1 GB

  • hostname (string) – Hostname of the target server.
  • opts (object) –

    Optional parameters for configuring function behavior. Properties:

    • threads (number) - Number of threads to use for this function. Must be less than or equal to the number of threads the script is running with.
    • stock (boolean) - If true, the function can affect the stock market. See Player Actions Influencing Stocks

The amount of money stolen if the hack is successful, and zero otherwise

Function that is used to try and hack servers to steal money and gain hacking experience. The runtime for this command depends on your hacking level and the target server’s security level. In order to hack a server you must first gain root access to that server and also have the required hacking level.

A script can hack a server from anywhere. It does not need to be running on the same server to hack that server. For example, you can create a script that hacks the ‘foodnstuff’ server and run that script on any server in the game.

A successful hack on a server will raise that server’s security level by 0.002.

Action time is calculated at the start, effect is calculated at the end.


hack("foodnstuff", { threads: 5 }); // Only use 5 threads to hack