scp() Netscript Function

scp(files, [source, ]destination)
  • files (string/array) – Filename or an array of filenames of script/literature files to copy
  • source (string) – Hostname or IP of the source server, which is the server from which the file will be copied. This argument is optional and if it’s omitted the source will be the current server.
  • destination (string) – Hostname or IP of the destination server, which is the server to which the file will be copied.
RAM cost:

0.6 GB

Copies a script or literature (.lit) file(s) to another server. The files argument can be either a string specifying a single file to copy, or an array of strings specifying multiple files to copy.

Returns true if the script/literature file is successfully copied over and false otherwise. If the files argument is an array then this function will return true if at least one of the files in the array is successfully copied.


//Copies hack-template.script from the current server to foodnstuff
scp("hack-template.script", "foodnstuff");

//Copies foo.lit from the helios server to the home computer
scp("foo.lit", "helios", "home");

//Tries to copy three files from rothman-uni to home computer
files = ["foo1.lit", "foo2.script", "foo3.script"];
scp(files, "rothman-uni", "home");