purchaseServer() Netscript Function

purchaseServer(hostname, ram)
RAM cost:

2.25 GB

  • hostname (string) – Hostname of the purchased server.
  • ram (number) – Amount of RAM of the purchased server. Must be a power of 2. Maximum value of getPurchasedServerMaxRam

The hostname of the newly purchased server. Empty string on failure.

Purchased a server with the specified hostname and amount of RAM.

The hostname argument can be any data type, but it will be converted to a string and have whitespace removed. Anything that resolves to an empty string will cause the function to fail. If there is already a server with the specified hostname, then the function will automatically append a number at the end of the hostname argument value until it finds a unique hostname. For example, if the script calls purchaseServer("foo", 4) but a server named “foo” already exists, the it will automatically change the hostname to “foo-0”. If there is already a server with the hostname “foo-0”, then it will change the hostname to “foo-1”, and so on.

Note that there is a maximum limit to the amount of servers you can purchase.


ram = 64;
hn = "pserv-";
for (i = 0; i < 5; ++i) {
    purchaseServer(hn + i, ram);