v2.0.0 Migration Guide

In v2.0.0 a few more API have been broken.


Working has been rebuilt from the grounds up. The motivation for that change is that all different types of work all required different cached variables on the main Player object. This caused a lot of bugs and crashes. It’s been reworked in such a way as to prevent bugs and make it nearly trivial to add new kinds of work. All work type give their reward immediately. No need to stop work to bank rewards like reputation. Faction and Company work no longer have a time limit. Company work no longer reduces rep gain by half for quitting early. Company faction require 400k rep to join (from 200k) Backdooring company server reduces faction requirement to 300k. All types of work generally no longer keep track of cumulative gains like exp and reputation since it’s applied instantly.


crime now loops, meaning after finishing one shoplift you start the next one with no input. While the signature has not changed its behavior has. It also has a new ‘focus’ parameters.


The following work-related fields are not longer included:

  • workChaExpGained
  • currentWorkFactionName
  • workDexExpGained
  • workHackExpGained
  • createProgramReqLvl
  • workStrExpGained
  • companyName
  • crimeType
  • workRepGained
  • workChaExpGainRate
  • workType
  • workStrExpGainRate
  • isWorking
  • workRepGainRate
  • workDefExpGained
  • currentWorkFactionDescription
  • workHackExpGainRate
  • workAgiExpGainRate
  • workDexExpGainRate
  • workMoneyGained
  • workMoneyLossRate
  • workMoneyGainRate
  • createProgramName
  • workDefExpGainRate
  • workAgiExpGained
  • className

The reason for that is that these fields are all, in one way or another, included in the new work field ‘currentWork’. Some of these values are also irrelevant. Take a look at the new singularity.getCurrentWork function.

All fields ending in _mult have been moved to the ‘mults’ struct. For example: getPlayer().hacking_skill_mult => getPlayer().mults.hacking_skill

skills have been moved to the skills struct For example: getPlayer().hacking => getPlayer().skills.hacking

exp have been moved to the exp struct For example: getPlayer().hacking_exp => getPlayer().exp.hacking

hp have been moved to the hp struct For example: getPlayer().max_hp => getPlayer().hp.max or hp.current

hasWseAccount, hasTixApiAccess, has4SData, has4SDataTixApi have been removed and replaced with similar stock functions


The argument ‘companyName’ is now not-optional.

getScriptIncome & getScriptExpGain

Those 2 functions used to have a call where no arguments would return the total for all scripts. This caused weird signature. If you want to get the total income/exp for all scripts used the new getTotalScriptIncome / getTotalScriptExpGain instead.


scp has it’s 2 last argument reversed, the signature is now scp(files, destination, optional_source)


A while ago top level singularity function were deprecated in favor of the singularity namespace. This means calls like ‘ns.connect’ need to be changed to ‘ns.singularity.connect’

stock.buy, stock.sell, stock.short

These functions were renamed to stock.buyStock, stock.sellStock, and stock.buyShort because ‘buy’, ‘sell’, and ‘short’ are very common tokens that would trick the ram calculation.


The ability to give shares as bribe has been removed. The signature is now bribe(faction, money)