spawn() Netscript Function

spawn(script, numThreads[, args...])
RAM cost:

2 GB

  • script (string) – Filename of script to execute
  • numThreads (number) – Number of threads to spawn new script with. Will be rounded to nearest integer.
  • args... – Additional arguments to pass into the new script that is being run.

Terminates the current script, and then after a delay of about 10 seconds it will execute the newly-specified script. The purpose of this function is to execute a new script without being constrained by the RAM usage of the current one. This function can only be used to run scripts on the local server.


Running this function with a numThreads argument of 0 or less will cause a runtime error.


spawn('foo.script', 10, 'foodnstuff', 90); // "run foo.script foodnstuff 90 -t 10" in 10 seconds.