Infiltration is a gameplay mechanic that allows you to infiltrate a company’s facility to try and steal the company’s classified secrets. These secrets can be sold for money or for reputation with a faction.


Many companies have facilities that you can attempt to infiltrate. By infiltrating, you can steal classified company secrets and then sell these for money or for faction reputation. To try and infiltrate a company, visit a company through the ‘World’ menu. There will be an option that says ‘Infiltrate Company’.

When infiltrating a company you will be presented with short active challenges. None of the challenges use the mouse.

The difficulty at the top lowers with better combat stats and charisma. It is not recommended to attempt infiltrations above mid-normal.

The “maximum level” is the number of challenges you will need to pass to receive the infiltration reward.

Every time you fail an infiltration challenge, you will take damage based on the difficulty of the infiltration. If you are reduced to 0 hp or below, the infiltration will immediately end.

  • Most use spacebar as “action”
  • Some use WASD or arrows interchangeably.
  • A few others use the rest of the keyboard.

** Slash when his guard is down! **

Press space when the guard is attacking you. There’s 3 phase The first is guarding, where attacking back will result in failure. The 2nd is preparing, this informs you that in 250ms there will be an opening window to attack. The 3rd is attack, during this phase you can press space to slash and kill the enemy.

** Close the brackets **

Enter all the matching brackets in reverse order.

** Type it backward **

Type the words that are written backward.

** Say something nice about the guard. **

Use the arrows to find a compliment for the guard.

** Enter the Code! **

Match the arrows as they appears.

** Match the symbols! **

Move the cursor to the matching symbol and press space to confirm.

** Remember all the mines! **

At first the cursor cannot be moved, remember the positions of the X. Then move the cursor and press space to mark the mines on the board.

** Cut the wires **

Follow the instructions and press the numbers 1 through 9 to cut the appropriate wires.