Infiltration is a gameplay mechanic that allows you to infiltrate a company’s facility to try and steal the company’s classified secrets. These secrets can be sold for money or for reputation with a faction.


Many companies have facilities that you can attempt to infiltrate. By infiltrating, you can steal classified company secrets and then sell these for money or for faction reputation. To try and infiltrate a company, visit a company through the ‘World’ menu. There will be an option that says ‘Infiltrate Company’.

When infiltrating a company, you must progress through clearance levels in the facility. Every clearance level has some form of security that you must get past. There are several forms of security, ranging from high-tech security systems to armed guards. For each form of security, there are a variety of options that you can choose to try and bypass the security. Examples include hacking the security, engaging in combat, assassination, or sneaking past the security. The chance to succeed for each option is determined in part by your stats. So, for example, trying to hack the security system relies on your hacking skill, whereas trying to sneak past the security relies on your agility level.

The facility has a ‘security level’ that affects your chance of success when trying to get past a clearance level. Every time you advance to the next clearance level, the facility’s security level will increase by a fixed percentage. Furthermore the options you choose and whether you succeed or fail will affect the security level as well. For example, if you try to kill a security guard and fail, the security level will increase by a lot. If you choose to sneak past security and succeed, the security level will not increase at all.

Every 5 clearance levels, you will steal classified company secrets that can be sold for money or faction reputation. However, in order to sell these secrets you must successfully escape the facility using the ‘Escape’ option. Furthermore, companies have a max clearance level. If you reach the max clearance level you will automatically escape the facility with all of your stolen secrets.