Advances in science and medicine have led to powerful new technologies that allow people to augment themselves beyond normal human capabilities. There are many different types of Augmentations, ranging from cybernetic to genetic to biological. Acquiring these Augmentations enhances the user’s physical and mental faculties.

Augmentations provide persistent upgrades in the form of multipliers. These multipliers apply to a wide variety of things such as stats, experience gain, and hacking, just to name a few. Your multipliers can be viewed in the ‘Character’ page (keyboard shortcut Alt + c).

How to acquire Augmentations

Because of how powerful Augmentations are, the technology behind them is kept private and secret by the corporations and organizations that create them. Therefore, the only way for the player to obtain Augmentations is through Factions. After joining a Faction and earning enough reputation in it, you will be able to purchase its Augmentations. Different Factions offer different Augmentations. Augmentations must be purchased in order to be installed, and they are fairly expensive.

Installing Augmentations

You will not gain the benefits of your purchased Augmentations until you actually install them. You can choose to install Augmentations through the ‘Augmentations’ menu tab (Found under ‘Character’. Alternatively, use the keyboard shortcut Alt + a).

Unfortunately, installing Augmentations has side effects. You will lose most of the progress you’ve made, including your skills, stats, and money. You will have to start over, but you will have all of the Augmentations you have installed to help you progress. This is the game’s “soft reset” or “prestige” mechanic.

To summarize, here is a list of everything you will LOSE when you install an Augmentation:

  • Stats/Skills
  • Money
  • Scripts on all servers EXCEPT your home computer
  • Purchased servers
  • Hacknet Nodes
  • Company/faction reputation
  • Jobs and Faction memberships
  • Programs
  • Stocks
  • TOR router

Here is everything you will KEEP when you install an Augmentation:

  • Every Augmentation you have installed
  • Scripts on your home computer
  • RAM/Core Upgrades on your home computer
  • World Stock Exchange account and TIX API Access

Purchasing Multiple Augmentations

You do not have to install an Augmentation right after you purchase it. You can purchase as many Augmentations as you’d like before you choose to install them. When you install your purchased Augmentations they will ALL get installed.

There are a few drawbacks to this, however. First, obviously, you won’t gain the benefits of your purchased Augmentations until after you install them. Second, purchasing multiple Augmentations before installing them will cause the Augmentations to get progressively more expensive. When you purchase an Augmentation, the price of purchasing another Augmentation doubles. This multiplier stacks for each Augmentation you purchase. Once you install your purchased Augmentations, their costs are reset back to the original prices.