Commiting crimes is an active gameplay mechanic that allows the player to train their stats and potentially earn money. The player can attempt to commit crimes by visiting ‘The Slums’ through the ‘City’ tab (Keyboard shortcut Alt + w). ‘The Slums’ is available in every city.

Basic Mechanics

When you visit the ‘Slums’ you will see a list of buttons that show all of the available crimes. Simply select one of the options to begin attempting that crime. Attempting to commit a crime takes a certain amount of time. This time varies between crimes. During this time, you cannot do anything else.

Crimes are not always successful. Your rate of success is determined by your stats (and Augmentation multipliers) and can be seen on the crime-selection page. If you are unsuccessful at committing a crime you will gain EXP, but you will not earn money. If you are successful at committing the crime you will gain extra EXP (double of what an unsuccessful attempt would give) and earn money.

Harder crimes are typically more profitable, and also give more EXP.

Crime details