Netscript Singularity FunctionsΒΆ

The Singularity Functions are a special set of Netscript functions. These functions allow you to control many additional aspects of the game through scripts, such as working for factions/companies, purchasing/installing Augmentations, and creating programs.

The Singularity Functions are not immediately available to the player and must be unlocked later in the game.


This page contains spoilers for the game

The Singularity Functions are unlocked in BitNode-4. If you are in BitNode-4, then you will automatically have access to all of these functions. You can use the Singularity Functions in other BitNodes if and only if you have the Source-File for BitNode-4 (aka Source-File 4). Each level of Source-File 4 will open up additional Singularity Functions that you can use in other BitNodes. If your Source-File 4 is upgraded all the way to level 3, then you will be able to access all of the Singularity Functions.