spendHashes() Netscript Function


This page contains spoilers for the game

spendHashes(upgName, upgTarget)
  • upgName (string) – Name of upgrade to spend hashes on. Must be an exact match
  • upgTarget (string) – Object to which upgrade applies. Required for certain upgrades


This function is only applicable for Hacknet Servers (the upgraded version of a Hacknet Node).

Spend the hashes generated by your Hacknet Servers on an upgrade. Returns a boolean value - true if the upgrade is successfully purchased, and false otherwise.

The name of the upgrade must be an exact match. The upgTarget argument is used for upgrades such as Reduce Minimum Security, which applies to a specific server. In this case, the upgTarget argument must be the hostname of the server.


hacknet.spendHashes("Sell for Corporation Funds");
hacknet.spendHashes("Increase Maximum Money", "foodnstuff");