getScriptIncome() Netscript Function

getScriptIncome([scriptname][, hostname/ip][, args...])
  • scriptname (string) – Filename of script
  • hostname/ip (string) – Server on which script is running
  • args... – Arguments that the script is running with
RAM cost:

0.1 GB

Returns the amount of income the specified script generates while online (when the game is open, does not apply for offline income). Remember that a script is uniquely identified by both its name and its arguments. So for example if you ran a script with the arguments “foodnstuff” and “5” then in order to use this function to get that script’s income you must specify those same arguments in the same order in this function call.

This function can also be called with no arguments. If called with no arguments, then this function will return an array of two values. The first value is the total income ($ / second) of all of your active scripts (scripts that are currently running on any server). The second value is the total income ($ / second) that you’ve earned from scripts since you last installed Augmentations.