autocomplete() Netscript Function


This feature is not officially supported yet and the API might change. It is also only supported in ns2

autocomplete(data, args)
RAM cost:

0 GB

  • data (Object) – general data about the game you might want to autocomplete.
  • args (string[]) – current arguments. Minus run script.js

data is an object with the following properties:

    servers: list of all servers in the game.
    txts:    list of all text files on the current server.
    scripts: list of all scripts on the current server.
    flags:   the same flags function as passed with ns. Calling this function adds all the flags as autocomplete arguments

This function is special as it must be declared as a top level function like main.


export function autocomplete(data, args) {
    return []; // This script autocompletes the list of servers.
    return [,]; // Autocomplete servers and scripts
    return ["low", "medium", "high"]; // Autocomplete 3 specific strings.


$ run demo.js mega\t
// results in
$ run demo.js megacorp