This page contains spoilers regarding the game’s story/plot-line.


Source-Files are a type of persistent upgrade that are more powerful than Augmentations. Source-Files are received by destroying a BitNode. There are many different BitNodes in the game and each BitNode will grant a different Source-File when it is destroyed.

A Source-File can be upgraded by destroying its corresponding BitNode a second or third time (AKA playing through that BitNode again). It can be upgraded to a maximum of level 3.

List of all Source-Files

BitNode-1: Source Genesis
  • Lets the player start with 32 GB of RAM on home computer
  • Increases all of the player’s multipliers by 16%/24%/28%
BitNode-2: Rise of the Underworld
  • Increases the player’s crime success rate, crime money, and charisma multipliers by 24%/36%/42%
BitNode-3: Corporatocracy
  • Lets the player create Corporations in other BitNodes (although some BitNodes will disable this mechanic)
  • Increases the player’s charisma and company salary multipliers by 8%/12%/14%
BitNode-4: The Singularity
  • Lets the player access and use Netscript Singularity Functions in other BitNodes.
  • Each level of this Source-File opens up more of the Singularity Functions to use
BitNode-5: Artificial Intelligence
BitNode-6: Bladeburners
  • Unlocks the Bladeburner feature in other BitNodes
  • Increases all of the player’s level and experience gain rate multipliers for combat stats by 8%/12%/14%
BitNode-7: Bladeburners 2079
  • Allows the player to access the Netscript Bladeburner API in other BitNodes
  • Increases all of the player’s Bladeburner multipliers by 8%/12%/14%
BitNode-8: Ghost of Wall Street
  • Increases the player’s hacking growth multiplier by 12%/18%/21%
  • Level 1 grants permanent access to WSE and TIX API
  • Level 2 grants permanent access to shorting stocks
  • Level 3 grants permanent access to use limit/stop orders
BitNode-9: Coming Soon  
BitNode-10: Digital Carbon
  • Each level of this grants a Duplicate Sleeve
  • Allows the player to access the Netscript Sleeve API in other BitNodes
BitNode-11: The Big Crash
  • Company favor increases both the player’s salary and reputation gain at that company by 1% per favor (rather than just the reputation gain)
  • Increases the player’s company salary and reputation gain multipliers by 24%/36%/42%
BitNode-12: The Recursion
  • There is no maximum level for this Source-File
  • Each level of this Source-File increases all of the player’s multipliers by 1%.
  • This affect is multiplicative with itself. This means that level N of this Source-File will result in a multiplier of 1.01^N (or 0.99^N for multipliers that decrease)