When VitaLife unveiled their Persona Core technology that allowed people to digitize and transfer their consciousness into other vessels, human bodies became nothing more than ‘sleeves’ for the human consciousness. This technology thus became known as “Sleeve technology”.

Sleeve technology unlocks two different gameplay features:

  • Duplicate Sleeves
  • Re-sleeving

Sleeve technology is unlocked in BitNode-10.

Duplicate Sleeves

Duplicate Sleeves are MK-V Synthoids (synthetic androids) into which your consciousness has been copied. In other words, these Synthoids contain a perfect duplicate of your mind.

Duplicate Sleeves are essentially clones which you can use to perform work-type actions, such as working for a company/faction or committing a crime. When sleeves perform these tasks, they will earn money, experience, and reputation.

Sleeves are their own individuals, which means they each have their own experience and stats.

When a sleeve earns experience, it earns experience for itself, the player’s original consciousness, as well as all of the player’s other sleeves.

Duplicate Sleeves are not reset when installing Augmentations, but they are reset when switching BitNodes.

Obtaining Duplicate Sleeves

There are two methods of obtaining Duplicate Sleeves:

  1. Destroy BitNode-10. Each completion give you one additional Duplicate Sleeve
  2. Purchase Duplicate Sleeves from the faction The Covenant. This is only available in BitNodes-10. Sleeves purchased this way are permanent (they persist through BitNodes). You can purchase up to 5 Duplicate Sleeves from The Covenant.


Synchronization is a measure of how aligned your consciousness is with that of your Duplicate Sleeves. It is a numeral value between 1 and 100, and it affects how much experience is earned when the sleeve is performing a task.

Let N be the sleeve’s synchronization. When the sleeve earns experience by performing a task, both the sleeve and the player’s original host consciousness gain N% of the amount of experience normally earned by the task. All of the player’s other sleeves earn ((N/100)^2 * 100)% of the experience.

Synchronization can be increased by assigning sleeves to the ‘Synchronize’ task.

Sleeve Shock

Sleeve shock is a measure of how much trauma the sleeve has due to being placed in a new body. It is a numeral value between 0 and 99, where 99 indicates full shock and 0 indicates no shock. Shock affects the amount of experience earned by the sleeve.

Sleeve shock slowly decreases over time. You can further increase the rate at which it decreases by assigning sleeves to the ‘Shock Recovery’ task.


You can purchase Augmentations for your Duplicate Sleeves. In order to do this, the Sleeve’s Shock must be at 0. Any Augmentation that is currently available to you through a faction is also available for your Duplicate Sleeves. There are a few Augmentations, such as NeuroFlux Governor and Bladeburner-specific ones, that cannot be purchased for a Duplicate Sleeve.

When you purchase an Augmentation for a Duplicate Sleeve, it is instantly installed. When this happens, the Sleeve’s stats are instantly reset back to 0, similar to when you normally install Augmentations.

The cost of purchasing an Augmentation for a Duplicate Sleeve is not affected by how many Augmentations you have purchased for yourself, and vice versa.


Sleeve memory dictates what a sleeve’s synchronization will be when its reset by switching BitNodes. For example, if a sleeve has a memory of 10, then when you switch BitNodes its synchronization will initially be set to 10, rather than 1.

Memory can only be increased by purchasing upgrades from The Covenant. Just like the ability to purchase additional sleeves, this is only available in BitNodes-10 and above, and is only available after defeating BitNode-10 at least once.

Memory is a persistent stat, meaning it never gets reset back to 1. The maximum possible value for a sleeve’s memory is 100.